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About the company

Our company was formed in 1995 and since 2009 as Best Aqua Ltd we work on.

Our main line lightweight construction halls, constantly keep abreast of the opportunities provided by the Hungarian market and demand.

Many years of our experience and solid financial position, to continually expand our services.

18 years of practice we try to use our clients with the highest standards and serve the correct prices.

Our workers have professional qualifications, work is carried out surveillance of certified architect.

The steel structure made   400 m2 halls and production in our factory according to individual needs and delivered to the job site. We see the corrosion protection of steel structures in accordance with the function.

Renovation of existing halls, we also undertake maintenance. (through its sanding equipment)

Machineries required for the hall we have set up (boom, boom lift, scissor lift, truck, etc.).

References can be found in a number of warehouse, workshop, factory, office buildings, livestock, crops, waste, and grain storage.

Outside the hall building any locksmith execution We.

Profile of our building, heating systems, ventilation, water, - construction of sewerage systems and expanded.


¤ boom lifts (12 meters to 23.5 meters)

¤ scissor lifts (10 meters to 12.3 meters)

¤ 28-ton crane

¤ vans

¤ special scaffolding

For more information about the lifts on our website:

Larger steel production assembly activities:

¤  Suzuki Esztergom

¤  Parlament in Budapest

¤  Tesco (Pécs)

¤  Auchan Budapest

¤  Germany (Aachen)

¤  England (Nissan car factory)

Larger construction projects:

¤ Duna Plaza

¤ Polus Center

¤ Duna House

¤ Lurdy House

¤ Merry Theatre

¤ Prime Minister's Office

¤ 1-2 Shopping Center

¤ Tesco

¤ West End City Center